Articles on U. S. Wars with Iraq (and Iran)

Fact Sheet on Oil and U. S. Policy Toward Iraq (pdf format) (html format)


Iraq Neither Independent nor Stable--Der Spiegel


Baker Institute Study Says Iraq Faces Hurdles in Becoming Oil Leader--Oil and Gas Journal

EU affirms authority of Iraq's central government over oil, gas exports--Washington Post

Amid the Arab Spring, a U.S.-Saudi split--Washington Post


Iraq oil deal puts pressure on Opec--Financial Times

Eni wins Iraq oil field deal--Financial Times

Buoyant Iraqi minister sees 'big leap' coming in production--Oil and Gas Journal

Aramco production capacity at 12 million b/d--Oil and Gas Journal

Between Iraq and a Hard Place--Poten Partners

Crude competition--Financial Times

Pipeline-istan: Everything You Need to Know About Oil, Gas, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Obama--Tomdispatch.com

Iraqi Doctors in Hiding Treat as They Can --Interpress Service

Iraq Oil Production Could Surge --Energy Investment Strategies


A New Assassination Program? -- Bob Woodward, The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008

Has the Surge Put Iraq on the Path to Success? --Council on Foreign Relations


The Mutiny of Charlie 1-26 --Army Times

Iran Report Sends Bush's War Rhetoric Out to Pasture --Der Spiegel

Can the Surge's Successes Be Maintained? --Der Spiegel

Why Did We Invade Iraq Anyway? Putting a Country in Your Tank--Michael Schwartz

How The Bush Oil Grab Went Awry--The Nation

Beyond the Age of Petroleum--The Nation

Over a Million Iraqi War Dead--Opinion Research Business

Future of Oil and Gas Industry--Poten & Partners

Bush denies preparing attack against Iran --Financial Times

Bush tackles growing unease over possible military action in Iran--Financial Times


Time to Offshore Our Troops (to Diego Garcia)--New York Times

Talk of another preventive war in the Middle East is folly--Financial Times

Iraq Study Group Report excerpts--Financial Times

New Report on Guantanamo Review Hearings--Lefttalk.com

'No-Hearing' Process Traps Detainees--National Public Radio

U.S. Central Command Charts Sharp Movement of the Civil Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos --New York Times

U.S. Central Command CHART from Previous Article --New York Times

Shia infighting in south threatens troop withdrawal --Financial Times

Amara unrest strains plans for unified Iraq --Financial Times

Bush sees support ebb away for military strategy in Iraq --Financial Times

Johns-Hopkins Researchers Estimate 655,000 Iraqi Deaths--Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


OPEC ON THE MARCH: Why Iraq still sells its oil à la cartel--Harper's

Shiite Cleric's Soldiers Battle Rivals in Najaf and Basra--N Y Times

Sunnis on Constitutional Panel: Determined by Impugned--N Y Times

U.S. Faces Pressure to Pull Troops from Iraq--Power and Interest News Report

Modern memorials stand for the warriors, not the war--USA Today

Arlington West Memorial, Oceanside, CA, Sept. 2004

Amnesty Takes Aim at 'Gulag' in Guantanamo--Washington Post

Pentagon Blamed for Lack of Postwar Planning in Iraq--Washington Post

Harsh Tactics Were Allowed, General Told Jailers in Iraq --N.Y.Times

Secret U. S. Plans for Iraqi Oil--BBC

Campus Group Honors War Dead--San Diego Union

Iraqi Election Turnout Lies, Future Oil Plans--Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

Fresh Details Emerge on Harsh Methods at Guantánamo--New York Times

Terror Suspect Alleges Torture, Says U.S. Sent Him to Egypt Before Guantanamo--Washington Post

Iraq New Terror Breeding Ground, CIA Advisers Report--Washington Post


Soldiers Who Refused Suicide Mission

Diego Garcia: Paradise Cleansed --The Guardian

Medical Study Says 98,000 Dead Since Start of Iraq War--The Lancet

Generals Say Iraq Far Graver than Vietnam--The Guardian

Growing Pessimism on Iraq--Washington Post

ConocoPhilips and Lukoil to Share Production in Iraq--Oil and Gas Journal

U. N. Secretary General Annan Says Iraq War Illegal--BBC News

CIA Estimate Pessimistic About U.S. Control of Iraq--CBS News

Abuse Report Widens Scope of Culpability. Generals Point to Contractors, Military Intelligence Soldiers--Washington Post

New Details of Prison Abuse Emerge--Washington Post

Iraq as Vietnam--The Nation

Fury Ignites Solidarity in Iraq--Los Angeles Times

Iraq Solidarity Action- Resist the Massacre in Fallujah--Middle East Realities

Iraqi Battalion Refuses American Orders to 'Fight Iraqis'--Washington Post

Bush bullied CIA in order to dupe us--Atlanta Constitution

Chalabi's Power grab in Iraq--Washington Times

The Thirty Year Itch: Strategy for US control of the Persian Gulf's oil--Mother Jones

Chief Weapons Inspector Admits There Were None--Associated Press

There Was No Failure of Intelligence--Guardian

Money to rebuild Iraq still lost in the pipeline --The Straits Times

Why the US Really Opposes Democracy In Iraq--Green Left Weekly

White House Source Confirms Invasion Plans Before 9/11--ABC News


The Missing History of the U.S.-Saddam Relation--In These Times

Kurds Claim They Captured Saddam FIrst--Sydney Morning Herald

US limits international participation in Iraq reconstruction contracts--Oil & Gas Journal

CIA Role in Rise of Saddam Detailed--UPI

Richard Pearle Admits U. S. Invastion Illegal--The Guardian

Politics of Casualty Numbers--New York Times

U. S. Sale of Iraqi Assets Contrary to International Law--The Guardian

Uzbek Dictator Karimov is U. S. / U. K. Friend--The Guardian

U. S. Soldiers Buldoze Iraqi Farmer's Crops--The Independent

Iraq Made Last Minute Attempt to Avert War--New York Times

Oil Folly--The Washington Post

Lack of "Transparency" in Iraqi Oil Deals--Oil and Gas Journal

Oil Investor Interest Grows in Iraq--Oil and Gas Journal

OPEC Still Has Customers Over a Barrel--The Economist

Bush Ideologues Trump Big Oil Interests in Iraq--Alternatives

Inspectors Still Find No WMD's in Iraq--CNN

Iraq, OPEC and U. S. Access to Iraqi Oil--Washington Post

Russian and U. S. Plans for Iraqi Oil--Oil and Gas Journal

Why We Aren't Winning the Peace in Iraq--San Diego Union

BP and Shell Make Iraq Oil Deals--Oil and Gas Journal

Bush Grants Oil Companies Immunity for Iraqi Dealings--L. A. Times

U. S., Iraqi Casualities Mount--S. F. Chronicle, Guardian

Iraqi Mobile Labs Not Weapons--London Observer

No Iraqi Ties with Al-Qaeda--San Diego Union

U. S. Gov't's 10 Big Lies about Iraq--Alternet

Cheney Taskforce Studied Iraqi Fields before War--Associated Press

Wolfowitz Admits War Was About Oil--The Guardian

Wolfowitz: "Iraq Swims in a Sea of Oil"--Die Welt

Iraq's pipeline damage could hinder its oil exports--Oil and Gas Journal

Republican move to close hearings on US' Iraq intelligence--Agence France Presse

US-led coalition pushes for early privatization in Iraq--AFP

CIA officer: Bush ignored warnings--KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS

White House in Denial--New York Times

Revealed: The Secret Cabal Which Spun Iraq Intelligence for Blair--Sunday Herald (Scotland)

Still no WMDs--New York Times

Wolfowitz: WMDs Were Only a "Bureaucratic Reason' for War--Sidney Morning Herald

Those Elusive WMDs--San Diego Union

Wolfowitz Admits WMDs Just Conventient Excuse for War--London Independent

Better Security Needed to Export Iraqi Oil--Oil and Gas Journal

Disputes over Russian and Chinese Oil Contracts with Iraq--Oil and Gas Journal

UN Resolution Allowing Sale of Iraqi Oil--UN Security Council

US seeks accord on Iraqi oil revenue by June deadline--Oil and Gas Journal

US Admits Saddam had no WMDs--Sunday Herald, AP

US, UK intelligence cannot be trusted on WMDs--BBC

Western companies' pipe dream of Iraqi oil--AP

US WMD lies a "matter of emphasis" Paul Krugman--N. Y. Times

Iraq oil production delayed--Oil and Gas Journal

Corporate Colonialism In Iraq--Village Voice

"Crude Visions," Rumsfeld's Role in Arming Saddam--Institute of Policy Studies

"Making Iraq Safe for...Theocracy?--A Dave Ross Audio Commentary CBS Radio (requires MP3 Player)

George McGovern: The Reason Why--Nation

The Fight Over Iraqi Oil Revenue--Oil and Gas Journal

History Is Not On America's Side--San Diego Union

Hell in an Iraqi Hospital--Sydney Morning Herald

New Afghan Pipeline Plans--Oil and Gas Journal

Planned Iraq Reconstruction is Really Robbery--Observer

Iraq is Trial Run for U. S. Policy--ZNET

U. S. Wants to Privatize Iraqi Oil--L. A. Times

Gauging Promise of Iraqi Oil--L. A. Times

U.S. Marines Kill Civilians on Bridge of Death--Times (London)

Treatment of Prisioners, Iraqis vs. Quantanamo--Guardian (London)

U.S. Names Desert Oil Depots "Exxon" and "Shell"--Guardian

U.S. Marines Kill Civilians in Nasiriya--Times (London)

Collective Portrait of U. S. Neoconservative War Planners--AlterNet

U. S. is Fighting for Control of Oil, says fromer Saudi Oil Minister --BBC

A Russian Take on U.S. Aggression --Moscow News

Excerpts from U. N. Charter on Justifications for War

The Empire Needs New Clothes --Common Dreams

US Claims It Will Follow Law As Occupier Of Iraqi Oil Fields --Energy Intelligence Group

Americas By Far The Largest Buyer Of Iraqi Crude Oil--Energy Intelligence Group

War in Iraq boils down to oil profits--Daily Aztec

Cóilín Nunan: Oil, Currency and the War on Iraq--Feasta Website

Saudi Arabia quietly eases US crude oil supply trouble --Alexander's Gas and Oil Connections

"It's not all about oil, but ..." --Business Week

Unilateral Imperialists: Interviews from Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Pearle

Multilaterial Imperialist: Excerpts from C. Kupchen, The End of the American Era

As Venezuela Returns, Oil Market Can Handle Iraq War--Energy Intelligence Group

It's Final: Russian Oil Company Forced Out of Iraq--Energy Intelligence Group

Code Word: "Stability" -- Oil and War--Counterpunch

Exclusive List of Iraqi Weapons Providers, includes 24 U.S. firms--die tagezeitung

Iraqi Weapons Supplier--Interview--Democracy Now


War-Wary Saudis Move to Increase Oil Market Clout--Washington Post

US Plans to Ditch Industry Rivals and Force end of OPEC--Reuters

THE ROVING EYE:China, Russia and the Iraqi oil game--Asia Times On Line

C.I.A. Letter to Senate on Baghdad's Intentions--N Y Times

White House Disputes C.I.A. Estimate--London Observer

Oil Is Factor in Iraq War Equation--L A Times

Oil Economics Lubricates Push for War--L A Times

Headline: Is it all about oil?--Christian Science Monitor

Spoils of War: In Iraq War, to the Victor Goes the Oil--ABC Nightline

Background Information on Oil Companies and War Plans Against Iraq

Speech in Bagdad by Former U.S. Weapons Inspector--CSPAN

U. S., French and Russian Oil Companies Fight Over Iraqi Oil--Washington Post

Top Republicans Break With Bush on Iraq Strategy--New York Times

Iraq for Whimps--New York Times

Former Blair Cabinet Member Says U.S. Wants to Seize Saudi Oil--The Guardian

New York Times Attacks Bush War Plans

U. S. Battle Plan for Iraq Attack--New York Times

Oil Moves the War Machine, by Michael T. Klare--The Progressive, June 2002

Oil Greases the Wheels of U.S. Conquest of Afganistan--Toronto Globe and Mail

Bush Admin's Plan for Attack on Iraq--From New Yorker Magazine

Bush Admin. Debates When to Start War With Iraq--New York Times

U.S. Strategies to Manage its Empire-- New York Times

Declassified Document Shows U.S. Knew It Was Creating Epidemics In Iraq

(Note: "AFMIC" means the Armed Forces Medical Information Center, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland. "ARCENT" means Army Forces Central Command. For the Pentagon link to this document: Click here))


An Oil War Coming? Letter to the New York Times 9/27/2001

America is rushing blindly into a war of its own creation--Daily Aztec

Madeline Albright on U.S. Policy of Starving Iraqi Children

U. S. Oil Companies Buy Most Iraqi Oil--ABC News

Henry Kissinger Advocates Attack on Iraq--L. A. Times

Iraqi missiles had no VX gas


Iraq's big oil promise clouded by bigger political questions --Oil and Gas Financial Journal

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