Articles on the U. S. War in Afghanistan


Historical Summaries

Historical Notes for the Film "Afghan Women: A History of Struggle"

Afghanistan Chronology --Financial Times



Ahmed Rashid, How the U. S. Indends to End the War With the Taliban--Financial Times



Obama's Shadowy Drone War--Spiegel Online

Drone's Eye View of a Target--Spiegel Online

Drone Victim's Funeral--Speigel Online

Divide Afghanistan at your peril--Financial Times

Germany Gave Names to Secret Taliban Hit List--Spiegel Online



US may revise Afghan withdrawal date--Financial Times

Petraeus warns on Afghanistan-Iraq comparisons--Financial Times

Obama on Afghanistan and Pakistan--Financial Times

Pull the plug on the Afghan surge--Financial Times

Obama's Vietnam Moment--Financial Times

McChrystal outlines ‘maximalist’ option --Financial Times

Pentagon Plans for Deployment of Special Forces --Eurasianet.org

Obama Advisors Divided on Troop Increase --New York Times

Pipeline-istan: Everything You Need to Know About Oil, Gas, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Obama
By Pepe Escobar --Tomdispatch.com

Obama Ponders Outreach to Elements of Taliban --New York Times

US to outline new Afghan strategy --Financial Times

Afghan War Needs 300,000 Troops --Congressional Testimony of Steven Biddle, Council on Foreign Relations.

Poker-Faced, Russia Flaunts Its Afghan Card --New York Times

Obama Upholds Detainee Policy in Afghanistan --The New York Times

Editorial: Salvaging Afghanistan --New York Times

Obama launches Afghanistan surge --The Australian

Taliban Attacks Kill more than 20 in Kabul --Financial Times

Moscow, Tehran force the US's hand --Asia Times Online

Taliban Strength Grows in "Pashtunistan" --Financial Times

Kabul's rift with the US widens --Asia Times

US warned it may lose Afghan war --Bloomberg

When in Doubt, Bomb Afghanistan: America's Other Glorious War --Counterpunch

Gates Says Obama to Decide Soon on More Afghan Troops --Bloomberg

Afghanistan war 'tougher than Iraq' --New York Times

Leader of Afghanistan Finds Himself Hero No More --New York Times


Before 2009

The Longest War--Washington Post

US oil pipeline politics and the Russia-Georgia conflict --World Socialist Website

Afghanistan: Mirage of the Good War --New Left Review

'I was still holding my grandson's hand - the rest was gone' --The Guardian

Karzai Seeks Extended U.S. Security Deal. Rumsfeld, on Visit, Sidesteps Question Of Permanent Bases --Washington Post

From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad --Washington Post

The War Against the Planet: The Fifth Afghan War and Other Assorted Fundamentalisms

U. S. Invasion a Disaster for Afghanis--Left Weekly, Australia

US turns to the Taliban to Control Afghanistan--Asia Times

China, Kazakhstan Sign Oil Pipeline Agreement--Oil and Gas Journal

US Defense Policy Review Takes Aim at China--Policy and Interest Review

Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Alliance of China, Russia, and Central Asia --Power and Interest News Report

China flexes its muscles in the economic and military spheres, --Power and Interest News Report

China Builds a Smaller, Stronger Military--Washington Post

Karzai Seeks Extended U.S. Security Deal. Rumsfeld, on Visit, Sidesteps Question Of Permanent Bases --Washington Post

Richard Clark: Terrorism not "Urgent" Priority Before 9/11 Attack--MSNBC

History Is Not On America's Side--San Diego Union

More Civilian Casualties in Afganistan Than In WTC Bombing--Guardian

Unocal Corp. withdrew from the CentGas consortium --Oil and Gas Financial Journal

Taleban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline--BBC, 1997

U. S. Planned to Attack Taliban before Sept. 11--BBC

French Newspaper Says CIA Met Bin Laden in July

War Against Terrorism Is Struggle For Oil--Guardian

Bin Ladan's Goal: Overthrow the House of Saud-- London Daily Telegraph

Religion Cloaks Bin Ladenís, Talibanís Capitalist Core -- Challenge

Bin Laden: the CIAís Frankenstein--Challenge

MSNBC on CIA Deals With Osama Bin Laudan-Aug.1998

How the CIA Groomed Bin Laden--London Observer

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