Articles and Comments on Terrorism, Israel, Afghanistan, Colombia

Israeli Soldiers' Report Paints Damning Picture of Gaza Campaign --Der Spiegel

The Dark Side of Plan Columbia --The Nation

Karzai Seeks Extended U.S. Security Deal. Rumsfeld, on Visit, Sidesteps Question Of Permanent Bases --Washington Post

Richard Clark: Terrorism not "Urgent" Priority Before 9/11 Attack--MSNBC

Iranian Agent Warned US Before 9/11 Attack--Guardian

U. S. Invasion a Disaster for Afghanis--Left Weekly,Australia

US turns to the Taliban to Control Afghanistan--Asia Times

China, Kazakhstan Sign Oil Pipeline Agreement--Oil and Gas Journal

History Is Not On America's Side--San Diego Union

Columbian Army Defend's Occidental's Pipeline--Los Angeles Times

Israel's Near Nuclear Strike in 1973--UPI

More Civilian Casualties in Afganistan Than In WTC Bombing--Guardian

100,000 Demonstrate for Peace In Israel (May 20020--BBC

Taleban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline--BBC, 1997

Isreali Reservist Refuses to Terrorize Palestinians--Chicago Tribune

U. S. Planned to Attack Taliban before Sept. 11--BBC

French Newspaper Says CIA Met Bin Laden in July

War Against Terrorism Is Struggle For Oil--Guardian

Bin Ladan's Goal: Overthrow the House of Saud-- London Daily Telegraph

Religion Cloaks Bin Ladenís, Talibanís Capitalist Core -- Challenge

Bin Laden: the CIAís Frankenstein--Challenge

MSNBC on CIA Deals With Osama Bin Laudan-Aug.1998

How the CIA Groomed Bin Laden--London Observer

John Pilger on the WTC Bombing and History of the U.S. Role in the Middle East

U.S. Lies About Sudan Plant--Observer (London)

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