Articles on Oil and U. S. Policy Outside Iraq




  IEA: World oil demand seen reaching 89 million b/d by 2014--Oil and Gas Financial Journal  China, Petroecuador sign oil supply agreement--Oil and Gas Financial Journal

  IEA: World oil demand seen reaching 89 million b/d by 2014--Oil and Gas Financial Journal  EU nations, Turkey sign Nabucco gas line treaty--Oil and Gas Financial Journal

China, Myanmar sign oil pipeline agreement--Oil and Gas Financial Journal

Low-Sulphur Regulations Change Tanker Routes--Poten Partners

BP goes back to petroleum--Financial Times

IEA: World oil demand seen reaching 89 million b/d by 2014--Oil and Gas Financial Journal


Escalating standoff with Russia threatens oil and gas supplies--Oil and Gas Financial Journal

Why Oil Prices Are So High--LNG in World Markets

2005 and Earlier

West Africa offshore activity continues to grow: Nigeria to add 0.5 MMb/d --Offshore Magazine

New Find in Caspian Sea Field--Offshore Magazine

Angola's oil production to double in three years--Offshore Magazine

Japan warns of 'bold action' in E. China Sea--Oil and Gas Journal

Japan warns of 'bold action' in E. China Sea--Oil and Gas Journal

Total to develop Moho-Bilondo off Democratic Republic of the Congo--Offshore

ONGC Videsh to ship Sakhalin oil to India--Oil and Gas Journal

Framework set for Kazakhstan to join Baku-Tbilsi-Ceyhan Pipeline--Oil and Gas Journal

CNPC completes gas pipeline in Kazakhstan--Oil and Gas Journal

Iran's nuclear work seen rooted in politics--Oil and Gas Journal

China, Iran sign biggest oil & gas deal--China Daily

Venezuela-China Oil Deal--Oil and Gas Journal

US Objects to India-Iran Gas Pipeline--Islamweb.net

China to Join Iran gas pipeline--Persian Journal

China, Iran sign biggest oil & gas deal--China Daily

U.S. Energy Act of 2005 Implications for Tanker Owners--Tanker Market Opinion

Venezuela pushes plan for cheap oil in Caribbean--Oil and Gas Journal

China's strategic oil reserve--Oil and Gas Journal

Countries with falling oil production (Large File)--Tanker Market Opinion

Countries with rising oil production (Large File)--Tanker Market Opinion

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Will Start in Septemper--Oil and Gas Journal

New Libyan Blocks Leased--Oil and Gas Journal

Irrelevant? OPEC is Sitting Pretty--New York Times

OPEC threatened by re-emergence African producers--GESA

OMV signs agreement to explore in Iran, US action unlikely--Oil and Gas Journal

Russia court annuls Yukos share issue for Sibneft--Petroleum News

African oil export cartel in the offing?--GESA

BP, Rosneft To Sign Sakhalin-5 Deal--Dow Jones

BP, approved to develop fields off Angola, awards contracts--Oil and Gas Journal

CEOs say Oil Companies have room to grow in expanding world markets--Oil and Gas Journal

Global oil supply to rise by 20 million b/d by 2010--Oil and Gas Journal

Former Iraqi oil minister calls for Iraq production cap--Oil and Gas Journal

Natural gas poised to overtake oil use by 2025--Oil and Gas Journal

Second of 3 oil fields starting up to feed Chad-Cameroon pipeline--Oil and Gas Journal

Exxon Stakes Sao Tome Block--Oil and Gas Journal

Venezuela remains Latin America's energy hotspot--Oil and Gas Journal

Greek-Turkish deal allows Iranian gas exports to Europe--BBC

Japan and Iran continues oil talks despite pressure from US--Dow Jones

Japan tries to secure contracts over Iraqi oil and gas fields--World Socialist Website

Kashagan development plan approved; Phase I under way--Oil and Gas Journal

U.S. Considers Building Port at Sao Tome--AP

Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields--N Y Times

Saudis refute claims that global oil supplies are in danger --Oil and Gas Journal

Growing US-Venezuelan tensions trigger concern over crude supply--Oil and Gas Journal

Republic of Yemen and Hunt Oil Company Extend PSA--Hunt Oil

Jasmim deepwater field production begins off Angola--Oil and Gas Journal

Forecast of Russian Oil Output--Oil and Gas Journal

New Exxon LNG Terminal in Texas--Oil and Gas Journal

ExxonMobil begins deepwater Block 15 production off Angola--Oil and Gas Journal

Qatar Petroleum, ConocoPhillips to develop GTL project in Qatar--Oil and Gas Journal

China's economy driving energy demand --Oil and Gas Journal

ChevronTexaco finds oil in Block OPL 249 off Nigeria--Oil and Gas Journal

The End of the Age of Oil--The Economist

ExxonMobil Tries to Take Over Russia's YukosSibneft Oil Company--Oil and Gas Journal

Japan continues push for Nakhodka pipeline, Russian oil--Oil and Gas Journal

Qatar Signs Pact with ExxonMobil--Oil and Gas Journal

U. S. Policy and Blame for Liberian Calamity--L. A. Times

Angola will be Big Future Oil Source--Oil and Gas Journal

Huge Chad-Cameroon Oil Project Begins--Oil and Gas Journal

Oil Development Costs Rise Worldwide--Oil and Gas Journal

BP review: World oil production capacity 'comfortably exceeds' demand--Oil and Gas Journal

China, Kazakhstan Sign Oil Pipeline Agreement--Oil and Gas Journal

"Exxon Unleashed"--Business Week

Oil Pipelines and the Kosovo War --The Guardian

Columbian Army Defend's Occidental's Pipeline--Los Angeles Times

War Against Terrorism Is Struggle For Oil--Guardian

Two Articles on U.S. Oil Interests and Slavery in Sudan

Oil and U.S./China Conflict--Nation

Russian Gas Pipeline to Turkey--N. Y. Times

USIA Study of Caspian Oil Pipelines

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