Articles on the U. S. and European Financial Crises


EU Should Admit Greece is Bankrupt

Debt Crisis Myth: Why Germany Isn't Benefiting from Euro's Woes

Replacing Strauss-Kahn; "Pro-bank bailout" Lagarde was a shoo in

Why ECB's Tricks Won't Solve the Crisis

Ponzi Planet: The Danger Debt Poses to the Western World

Doubts Grow over Greek Debt Restructuring

Euro Zone Bailouts Debate



Euro Zone and "Beggar-thy-neighbor"

WIll Euro Bailout Work?

How German Companies Bribed Their Way to Greek Deals

Faltering in a stormy sea of debt

An ABC of financial shocks and fiscal aftershocks

Stop the Wars and Fight the CSU Education Cutbacks



Investors had little choice but to keep on dancing--Financial Times

Huge Spending on War, Banks, Auto Companies, Less on Social Services

Federal Government stimulus spends money faster than expected --New York Times

GAO Report says AIG stabilized --New York Times

Leading economist fears double-dip recession --Financial Times

Some fires are best left to burn out --Financial Times

Leading economist fears double-dip recession --Financial Times

Some fires are best left to burn out --Financial Times

US consumer confidence hits 3-month high --Financial Times

US trade gap shows biggest jump for 10 years --Financial Times

Consumer strains likely to cloud recovery hopes --Financial Times

Bailed-out banks paid billions in bonuses --L. A. Times

California's higher education system could face decline --L. A. Times

Experts Warn of New Credit Crunch in Germany --Der Spiegel

After the storm comes a hard climb --Financial Times

China’s foreign exchange reserves pass $2,000bnb --Financial Times

US industrial output decline slows --Financial Times

Andrew Kliman on the Falling Rate of Profit

Fading political will has let banks off the hook --Financial Times

The recession tracks the Great Depression --Financial Times

Andrew Kliman interview: Kapitalism 101

Why the ‘green shoots’ of recovery could yet wither --Financial Times

A Marxist View of the Global Economic Crisis--Slide Show (1.8 megabytes)

Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ --New York Times

Is This Really the End of Neoliberalism? By DAVID HARVEY --Counterpunch

Overproduction not Financial Collapse is the Heart of the Crisis--Robert Brenner

G-20 IN LONDON: More Oversight and $1 Trillion for World Economy --Spiegel Online

US industrial production slides again --Financial Times

Lost through destructive creation --Financial Times

Seeds of its own destruction --Financial Times

Choices made in 2009 will shape the globe’s destiny --Financial Times

Why Obama’s plan is still inadequate and incomplete --Financial Times

Japan’s lessons for a world of balance-sheet deflation --Financial Times

Why America's Currency Is the World's Problem--Der Spiegel

The Great Crash, 2008: A Geopolitical Setback for the West --Foreign Affairs

Asia's revenge: Roots of the crisis--Financial Times

Past Crises Inspire Little Confidence About the Outcome of this One --The Economist

The World Economic Crisis: A Marxist Analysis --World Socialist Website

The Financialization of Capital and the Crisis --The Monthly Review

Financial Implosion and Stagnation: Back To The Real Economy --The Monthly Review

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