U. S. Military Recruitment, G. I. Resistance, and Bringing Back the Draft

Dahr Jamail, A Secret History of Dissent in the All-Volunteer Military--Tom Dispatch

Will Public Education Be Militarized?--Tom Dispatch

"Fighting for Citizenship," Max Boot--Los Angeles Times

"Uncle Sam Wants Tu," Max Boot--Los Angeles Times

U.S. Military: Help Wanted--Mother Jones

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Report: U.S. May Run Out of Guard and Reserve Troops for War on Terrorism--Agence France Presse

With Military Stretched Thin, Draft Rumors Persist--Baltimore Sun

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A draft that gives a real case of chills--Newsday

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Talk of military draft's return haunts 2004 campaign.--Philadelphia Enquirer

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Influx of Wounded Strains VA--Washington Post

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New bill may reinstate the draft for 2005--The Guilfordian

Howard Dean: Hidden Agenda, A National Draft in the Future?--Democracy for America

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Dems to revive draft demand. Rep. Rangel and Sen. Hollings see new mood on Iraq--TheHill.com

Patriotism Means Reaching beyond Our Self-interest--Senator McCain

Stars and Stripes Poll: Many Troops Dissatisfied, Iraq Poll Finds--Washington Post

Rangel introduces bill to reinstate draft--CNN

Rangel's Pro-Draft Op-Ed--New York Times


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