Papers and Comments on Racism, Discrimination, and Immigration


Jena 6 Released--Color of Change

Harvard President Summers Attempts to Justify Discrimination Against Women Scientists

The Magical Aura of the IQ

Graph of U.S. Racial Inequality

Michael Reich on the Economics of Racism

Karl Marx on Racism

Time to Fix Immigration--New York Times

Profiling Report Leads to a Demotion(with data about racial profiling of motorists)--N Y Times

The Politics of Undocumented Immigration and Proposition 187

Big Increase in Black Incarceration--New York Times

Police Murder of Demetrius DuBose

Workshop Outline on Racist Theories and Theories of Racism

I. Q., Culture of Poverty, and Other Racist Theories

The Whiting of Euro-Americans: A Divide and Conquer Strategy

U.S. Automakers Collaborated With Nazis

Racist Science and the Pioneer Fund

Did the ANC Sell Out in South Africa?

Death row is mostly black

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