Articles on General U. S. Foreign Policy Issues

Why the west faces a harsher future--Financial Times

The Rise or Fall of the American Empire--Foreign Policy

The China Syndrome--Financial Times

China Rising, U. S. Weakening--Financial Times

Russia must re-focus with post-imperial eyes--Financial Times

After NeoConservatism, Francis Fukuyama--New York Times Magazine

Is the U. S. Losing Latin America?--Foreign Affairs

US Defense Policy Review Takes Aim at China--Policy and Interest Review

Is There a Doctrine in the House? --R. Haass--New York Times Op Ed

Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Alliance of China, Russia, and Central Asia --Power and Interest News Report

China flexes its muscles in the economic and military spheres, --Power and Interest News Report

China Builds a Smaller, Stronger Military--Washington Post

Karzai Seeks Extended U.S. Security Deal. Rumsfeld, on Visit, Sidesteps Question Of Permanent Bases --Washington Post

Riding For a Fall: Costs of Being a Superpower--Foreign Affairs

Brief Excerpts from THE SORROWS OF EMPIRE: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic--CHALMERS JOHNSON

U. S. Wars and Major Military Interventions, 1898 - 2004

U.N. Study Finds Global Trade Benefits Are Uneven--N Y Times

Power, Propaganda and Conscience in The War On Terror--John Pilger

George Soros: A Billionaire's Take On US Foreign Policy--Guardian

American Empire -- Get Used to it.--New York Times Magazine

International Agreements the U. S. Refuses to Honor--Z Magazine

Unilateral Imperialists: Interviews from Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Pearle

Multilaterial Imperialist: Excerpts from C. Kupchen, The End of the American Era

Excerpts from U. N. Charter on Justifications for War

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